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I will no longer be posting on this blog. It’s certainly the end of an era for me. I have blogged about Tom Daley for a year and half now…. This blog has always made me happy. I loved coming here and seeing all the pretty pictures of Tom and his friends. It always comforted me. I admired him for his courage, cheekiness, and athleticism. Just seeing his smile gave me a sense of hope …. as cheesy as it sounds.That’s why I won’t delete this blog, it’s part of my history.

I’ve been trying to articulate my thoughts on the matter into a coherent post for several hours now. But I’m still no closer to even begin to express how taken aback I am by my decision. For a while now, it just hasn’t felt the same. I feel uneasy. I still love, respect Tom, but I’m conflicted by my personal beliefs. I wish him well = I hope that good things happen to him~!

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Goodbye, and thank-you for the past few years… lots of love, xoxo

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